An Instant That Fills You With Canicule by Walid Boureghda at
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An Instant That Fills You With Canicule

An Instant That Fills You With Canicule

written by: Walid Boureghda


I am insanely pining for your passion.
How could I live without my docile heart?
My eyes have been affronted out of fashion.
They are quavering with pain and woe apart.
Such a crippling affliction that tinkles.

O my eyes! I can never cease crying.
‘Twas an acrid split for a long lament.
Life has become feeble. There’s no denying!
My joy was an ephemeral detriment.
How could I subdue this desire to winkle?

I am a chaotic field of warfare,
Diverting emotions and despicable people
Are submerged with quietus here and there,
In which love triumphs over the long ripples.
The daylight comes after the crepuscule.

How could I know the genuine salvation?
I can abjure anything but my Lord.
Should I embrace evil and frustration?
Should I feel you when my heart is unborn?
Such an instant that fills you with canicule.

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