The Little Things, prose by Saanvi Patra at

The Little Things

The Little Things

written by: Saanvi Patra


They’re the little things that make the biggest differences, impacts that cannot be spoken of but only felt. The minute details that give us a sense of hope of knowing that we are loved, the sense of hope knowing we can do anything, the sense of hope, that is.

“What is it else? A madness most discreet, A choking gall and a preserving sweet.”
Put into wise words, this is all I mean.

They may not know what they have done but, we, truly do. Just assuring us about the littlest of things can truly spark a change, a change in us, a change for all.
For, this may not be understood, but the truth beckons us, unknowingly or yet not, a fact that everyone knows.

Wind may not be able to move mountains, it may not be able to eradicate it either, but what can it do? Replenish.
The wind can make the mountains a gorgeous place. The wind doesn’t know what it does for the mountain, but the mountain and us, we are who feel, we are who see, we are who know all that the wind can do.

All that I say is, be the wind, knowingly or maybe not. Whilst there may not be any faults in trying, there are successes that are felt after.
Provide without expecting, provide possibly without even percepting, but provide.

You may not know what you have done, but they, they truly do.
Alas, they’re the little things that do matter.

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