Gazing at The Moon From The Balcony, a poem by Walid Boureghda at
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Gazing at The Moon From The Balcony

Gazing at The Moon From The Balcony

written by: Walid Boureghda


Lying on the roof of terra-cotta tiles,
I closed my eyes and sank into a dream.
In a pure fashion and original styles,
The Moon was smiling with a glamour gleam.

Looking out over the river of passion,
Gazing at the Moon from the balcony,
I was pondering the mysterious fashion
Of the bulk of its lightning alchemy.

In the navy sky of a gleamy night,
A faery-tale love has just begotten.
‘Tis merely a notional concept of light,
From whence passion can never be forgotten.

‘Twas just an enchanting dream of two souls
That surpasses, hand in hand, the treacherous shoals.

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