Eddie Went To School, a poem by Karen Rey at Spillwords.com

Eddie Went To School

Eddie Went To School

written by: Karen Rey


eddie went to school with a broken heart
because mom went out with a broken arm,
it’s all because of dad who was drunk,
he would hurt mom with his calloused hands.

eddie went to school with a crying face,
because mom forgot to pack his lunch,
she hurriedly ran outside after dad got enraged,
because he found out she had another man.

eddie went to school with a missing shoe,
because dad had a fit and destroyed everything in view,
mom rode a taxi cab and brought all her clothes,
and promised never to return to their old bungalow.

eddie went to school with a bloody nose,
because dad was drunk when he threw a punch,
his fist landed right in poor eddie’s face,
he was late for school and had no time for first aid.

eddie went to school with his messy thoughts,
he did not know what to do anymore,
his family and future were already ruined,
his life was in shambles, he just wanted to perish.

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