After All These Years, poetry written by Norberto Franco Cisneros at
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After All These Years

After All These Years

written by: Norberto Franco Cisneros


Buddha speaks of Zen
Christ speaks of eternity
Sartre speaks of being and nothingness
“I think, therefore I am,” said Descartes

And we all intently follow the gurus’ words
I try to learn their minds
but I learn their thoughts come from infinities
areas of the universe unknown to my mind

Fret I shall not for I knew my heart when I married her
my heart did not let me down
it led me to my life’s companion
the forever love of my life

We have shared 60 beautiful years together
raised two beautiful children together
paid our bills on time and had no worries
until the devil reared its ugly two-horned head

The stroke was not a benevolent messenger
it left destruction in its wake
that 12 years later I am still without my legs
doomed to live in a wheelchair the rest of my days

But I had a great ally
one who never deserted me and stayed with me, loved me
through my dreaded nights of horrid nightmares, sleepless
wailing in despair and wishing, wishing, always wishing

My circumstance would lighten and disappear
but my wishing was for naught
I have remained a paraplegic and I don’t blame anyone
I assumed full responsibility and have gone on with my life

I go on happily knowing I have two loves in my life
my poetry and my ever-sacrificing wife
who adhered to her vows ‘through sickness and in health’
people talk of having angels come to them in times of need

I had only one Angel come and she stayed for 60 years
the only Angel who ever came to me in my many years
she was there in my hour of need as she has been all my life
I am indeed a blessed man

I am grateful for her sacrifices and love she has bestowed on me
All the philosophers’ words through the ages matter not
if there is nobody there when you need someone
I consider myself a very lucky man indeed that she’s still beside me.

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