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Delicate Cravings

written by: Madhumita Sinha



I crave for you
For you I Yearn
So deeply
So intensely
It’s a heartache
Deep in my soul
It’s you and you alone
Who makes me feel alive
As you touch my soul
I feel the universe in me
When you kiss my lips
You open my soul to heal
My delicate softness
My ugly scars
My broken heart
Whole again I feel
Once again my heart beats
Beats in perfect rhythm
Radiance it lends to my face
Filled with joyous grace
Soon I do realise
The moments are fleeting away
As I run after those moments
To freeze them forever

Madhumita Sinha

Madhumita Sinha

Madhumita Sinha is a corporate trainer (HR professional) by profession and a poet by passion. She has contributed to various journals and magazines, both national and international. She has also published her book on poetry 'Heartbeats', 72 random beats from my heart.
Madhumita Sinha

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