Delicate Cravings, poetry written by Madhumita Sinha at
Manoj Kumar Kasirajan

Delicate Cravings

Delicate Cravings

written by: Madhumita Sinha



I crave for you
For you I Yearn
So deeply
So intensely
It’s a heartache
Deep in my soul
It’s you and you alone
Who makes me feel alive
As you touch my soul
I feel the universe in me
When you kiss my lips
You open my soul to heal
My delicate softness
My ugly scars
My broken heart
Whole again I feel
Once again my heart beats
Beats in perfect rhythm
Radiance it lends to my face
Filled with joyous grace
Soon I do realise
The moments are fleeting away
As I run after those moments
To freeze them forever

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