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Goodbye Over The Rainbows

written by: Madhumita Sinha



In this noisy world
All I look for is some quietude
The noise outside
The noise inside
All I crave for is some silence
The silence without the chaos
The stillness of mind and soul
Within and outside
As wish to experience
The bliss within
With noise all around
Yet a silence within
A perfect balance
Of mind and body
Somewhat meditative
Being in this world
Living and breathing
Yet disconnected
Is this A state of Nirvana
Or am I enjoying this bliss
Amidst this chaotic world.

Madhumita Sinha

Madhumita Sinha

Madhumita Sinha is a corporate trainer (HR professional) by profession and a poet by passion. She has contributed to various journals and magazines, both national and international. She has also published her book on poetry 'Heartbeats', 72 random beats from my heart.
Madhumita Sinha

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