Gilmer Bright, a poem written by Rando Mithlo at
Emmanuel Boutet

Gilmer Bright

Gilmer Bright

written by: Rando Mithlo


Into a hole fell Gilmer Bright
With a thud dust kicked up
Clouding his eyes to see why
Blame is mine alright
He said I took that step

Friends rush to find something to climb
Some the same who set him there
Advice stalls a simpler answer
Slowly caught in amber sap
Before you would even realize

They would try to dispel
What was thought of what occurred
Stream currents can hide slick moss
It was right to step on rocks
Maybe wrong to bear down

As soil hung on his beard
Friends wove escape with wild rope
Wound with vine and brier thorns
He winced and bled then made a bed
To sleep away the could’ve been

Only one knew how to build
A ladder made from cherry limb
Put at the feet of Gilmer Bright
Wavered trust was almost bust
Recovered there was his aplomb

To put himself in motion
Laid a glove on a ledge above
Bluster came as four winds blew
Branches whipped and grasses swept
At least he made it halfway up

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