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written by: Dannielle Viera


Where oh where can their souls be?
Mass calls from our humanity
Searches over land and sea
For the missing group of three

Above, painful expectancy
Below, only tranquillity

Golden hair floats silently
Fish stare in new perplexity
At their neighbours’ laxity
Deep within the sea’s belly

Above, the cries of tragedy
Below, only tranquillity

The trio found and suddenly
Death becomes reality
Grief flows through the entire country
Relief for friends and family

Above, dark curiosity
Below, only tranquillity

Curse and worse it’s claimed to be
Morbid tourists come to see
The scene of death and misery
For the kin of Kennedy

Ashes scattered over sea
Dissolved into tranquility


It is inspired by the death of John F. Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessette in a 1999 plane crash.

Dannielle Viera

Dannielle Viera

Dannielle Viera has been involved in the Australian publishing industry for over 20 years, first as a copywriter, then as an editor, project manager, proofreader and author. She has worked on more than 70 printed books and numerous sample presentations, and has written about subjects as varied as the history of Christianity, Native American mythology, vampires, knights and the death of Hollywood film stars. Some of the books for which she is credited as an author or contributor include:

• From Quarantine to Q Station (2016)
• How to Act Like a Champagne Expert (2013)
• Great, Grand & Famous Hotels (2012)
• Great, Grand & Famous Champagnes (2011).
Dannielle Viera

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