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The Mask of Dee

written by: A.M. Torres



Watch as it comes, hovering close
To take more from me,
The cruelty of Dee.
In blackness it comes
A he or a she
Coming for more
Coming for me?

Dee in full force,
With more than one guise,
In shadows it hides
Infinite Dee.
It comes to take more
To leave me in grief,
Eternity brief
I hate to lose.

Dee, can you talk?
You’ve taken your share,
You haven’t been fair
I'm in disrepair.

Cruelty perhaps?
Why the black cloak?
In silence in peace
How grim your approach.
Waiting for me?
My turn will come,
But don’t take them all
I can’t take much more.

A.M. Torres

A.M. Torres

A.M. Torres has published The Child Series beginning with Love Child. It's followed by sequels Child No More, and Child Scorned. She has also published two poetry books Shadowed Tears, and Turmoil. J and K Christmas has been her annual Christmas poem and short story publication. She currently lives in New York City, with her two sons Jason and Kristofer and their father Walter.
A.M. Torres

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