Over Medicating, a poem written by Hayley Burwood at Spillwords.com

Over Medicating

Over Medicating

written by: Hayley Burwood



Doctors of all kinds, prescribe drugs like sweets
Being over medicated can cause people to give in to defeat
With the wrong diagnosis or injections and pills
It can be fatal and make people ill

Giving out lots of medication so people can’t talk
People are so drugged up they can’t walk
Gaining weight and being spaced out
This is not what life is meant to be about

Doctors need training so people can understand
And to use other networks that are around
We need to change the way doctors see anxiety and stress
By listening to people with lived experience as they know best

Being restrained isn’t how it should be
Keeping up your rights and being treated with dignity
Not like a caged up animal so wild
Not to be targeted as a vulnerable child

Being on the wrong medication for lots of years
Or wrongly diagnosed and upset families so dear
Getting the right help to make people strong
Lift us up as people so we feel that we belong

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