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The Rights of People With Learning Disabilities

written by: Hayley Burwood



You have a right for your life not to be taken away
you should not be hurt or let someone take away your say
and not meant to be locked in your home or room
or even to be abused or groomed

we're not guilty unless said by the law
only when you go against the rules and more
phones messages and letters shouldn’t be read
unless the permission of the law is given or said

you can go to church a temple or mosque any time of day
people should listen and respect what you say
you can marry who you want too
discrimination of any sort shouldn’t happen to you

be able to keep your money is a right
not for others to take by bullying or putting up a fight
your right to vote is important it is totally fine
these are your rights at any time

Hayley Burwood

Hayley Burwood

I am a 41 year old woman who has learning disabilities and mental health problems too. I have a 12 year old child who lives with me, it hasn’t been easy but with the right support I'm managing. I have problems with confidence and self-esteem. I've been through domestic abuse, emotional and sexual abuse as a child, including physical abuse here and there. I really like writing poetry and needed a chance to show what I can do. It makes me feel happy. I feel I can express how I feel through my poetry. I would like to gain awareness for people who are struggling and going through tough times, I've done speeches and read my poetry aloud at lots of events. And it helps me a lot. Everybody has a voice. I really hope my work gets through to people’s hearts and they realise that I have talents and life issues to share as well.
Hayley Burwood

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