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Badass Rooster

Badass Rooster

written by: Sheila Henry


I cheer on your strength
yours is more than an ox
stronger than any
builder’s pillar ~ is your grit
but not beyond support.

Your mind is enriched
with golden matter generating
words that flow smoothly through to
your finger tips like word magic
it brings forth odes.

You share adventures of a tragic past
that only a madman could endure
but yet so fitting for the offspring
of the devil’s sperm
you persevered to tell.

In the autumn of your life
there is nothing left
all the material possessions
stripped away ~ left in its wake
a shell of the man you once were
with no keys to turn
It is here the richness of your life lies.

At the bottom, you find your true worth
in the beauty and richness of nature
Steadfast it never left but offers solace
and in quiet times
your only companion.

Here, inspiration flows
as sounds around become more acute
the badass rooster
heralds in the dawn and
birds sing cheerfully
as if just for you.

Colors bloom the exotic
in orchids and zinnias
a display to entice your eyes
and fill your mind offering
a reminder of what is truly yours
that nothing can dismiss
while you write away.

No key needed.

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