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My Dizzy Dance

My Dizzy Dance

written by: Baidha Fercoq


I couldn’t tell you why a flower blooms
or yeah, the sun, how exactly does it work?

Life, it’s a dizzy dance
and me, well, I don’t dance to a fluid beat
and crying, well I cry ugly, blotchy skin and puffy eyes.

There’s no magic curtain waiting to drop at my cue
allowing me a dignified exit, free of embarrassment or regret.

It’s uncomfortable when I have to stand in the spotlight of my mistakes
but, I do embrace aspects of this dizzy dance I call life
I embrace the realness of this balancing act
for in the search for my truth, I’ve found many dark corners
that needed to see the light of day.

Those cataclysmic times were the moments when my life really seemed to soar
and all those stumbling and jumbled moments of mistakes and inaction
they morphed into meaningful experiences and aspects of wisdom.

Without those experiences, I couldn’t be who I am, who I am becoming
so maybe this dizzy dance I once cringed at in retrospect,
maybe it was simply part of the dance
and that’s its real beauty.


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