Whispers of Senility, poetry by Olaseni Kehinde Precious at Spillwords.com
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Whispers of Senility

Whispers of Senility

written by: Olaseni Kehinde Precious



Reminiscing an illuminating star
Beaming in love and purity
A flickering flame of innocence
Budding flower of blazing summer

A faded echo of my previous years
Frolicking, while the devil snoozed
Like a free bird flapping its wings
Before the dark skies and pregnant clouds

Today, I wander amidst the labyrinth of my prime
A frightening road where the wind whispers
A youthful flame ignites within my core
Yet, I quiver in time’s cradle

Planting in each transient of time
A roaring Lion starving for dreams
Weighty hamper on sloping shoulders,
A weary Camel trudging, back throbbing

Like a ship sailing towards distant shores
My dreams abreast of the auspicious fate
But my vigour gently dozes in time
As I journey towards the abeyance.

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