Emerging From The Blind Side, a poem by Jan Sargeant at Spillwords.com

Emerging From The Blind Side

Emerging From The Blind Side

written by: Jan Sargeant


sitting by a window waiting for dawn,
expectations shiver, seek
warmth in the pale bonfire
of what once were the vanities
of a scalpel mind
now searching to find
colour in this washed out world of
distortions, scratched contortions,
monochrome stripped bare
ciarascuro of shadows,
images lost in translation,
an unfocused blur –

a new way of seeing
a kind of a dare – a gauntlet
thrown down, the hope
someone might care
enough to want to look through my eyes
to see what’s now there

will you sit by this window with me,
will you wait for the dawn
protect as shadows choke me
shelter me from this storm
can we escape the distortions,
the scratched contortions,
the misshapes and the mistakes
the landscapes and the seascapes,
the wordscapes and the best
of what was there before,
a camera obscura now obscured
by the pin holes we never foresaw

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