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Happy Birthday

written by: Tinashe Muza


Once a year, there’s only one special day
It’s more than special
It’s that day when the heavens open
It’s that day when a queen was born
It’s that day when an angel came to life
A girl of elegance with an impeccable manner
This is the day when all the magic transpires
The day is beautiful because you were born
Happy birthday dearest
Wishing you a marvelous and blessed day



Every day is a blessed day because it’s someone’s birthday.

Tinashe Muza

Tinashe Muza

Born in Harare, I grew up in Highfield with my aunt. Went to Sandringham High (2014-2017). Pursing my dream to study oncology, I find myself gallivanting in the world of poetry.
Tinashe Muza

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