The Next Train is Due To Arrive, poetry by Simona Prilogan at
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The Next Train is Due To Arrive

The Next Train is Due To Arrive

written by: Simona Prilogan


Beats of thoughts wandering through mind
standing still on the underground platform,
waiting for the next train to come, going
to clock in other day with beats of working load.
Besides, the routine is glancing its vigilant eyes
like a hawk, catching the trends of news
In smashes of unpredictability.

A new war starting somewhere in world,
raping still happening around the corner,
cheating blooming its buds in people’s forts,
blood reddening the sight. Too many beats of storm.

The next train is due to arrive. Thinking of daily bread
and letting go of others’ troubles
to merge into a peaceful, silent platform,
pumping the blood with beats of courage.
Remembering the girl who shared yesterday
flowers in Chancery Lane, smiling contagiously
‘till her presence got a title in the news.

Beats of thoughts…

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