Innocent Onset written by Rando Mithlo at

Innocent Onset

Innocent Onset

written by: Rando Mithlo



Revive this haven river fed
I am through its filter bed
A silhouette in peeking sun
Wild core that seeks your blood

Scene as in summers past
Dawn raids on darkened grass
Blazing slant of rays awake
Harsh light on the nightshade

Emerge one and many more
Wearing earth and cool to warm
To settle urge and forlornness
Plash and cries in the lifting mist

Notice there in the olden grow
Perching limb & heating stone
What is there with snake and prey
Hollow ground and scurrying

Behind the thicket rage of some
Fur and flesh, a flash of young
Caged by fear, the unseen fence
Where instinct follows Innocence

As soon revolve the world of this
Day to eyes of nocturne risk
Defending teeth fierce in stance
With sleep to come, and dark to pass

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