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The Snowman

The Snowman

written by: LadyLily



There he stands, a heart-throb of Winter.
Our stiff limbed man, hugged by ginger mists,
Voiceless in a tomb like silence.
He adores gentle whey-white snow
and swan-feathered flakes,
bathing in an Ocean of mistletoe.

Standing in water, encased in a silver prison,
Winter watching as fire-flames crackle
from an apricot sunset.
Surrounded by a screen of iced dew,
His shadow, a lazy haze of crystal,
its shadow, a tangled whirl of crushed crimson,
which sheens like a blood-red sun.

His eyes, onyx, a carnelian stone for his nose,
sleek-smooth Lakeland slate for his mouth.
Thoughts gleam, he wonders, ponders on timeless sadness…
Hoping his Lady Freeze will flash him a frosted kiss,
Her fragrance frankincense, her halo iced silver,
her shadow pearled dew. Until then…
the snowman is brave, patiently listening
as white tongues slaver the Earth.

Blue Tits buff this mint tinctured being,
Swallows swerve and dip into moonstone sheets,
rummaging for mummified morsels.
Snowdrifts spin white tornadoes,
snowberries hang as saggy rag dolls,
carmine globes churn, patch blankets pink
as accents of myrrh smother whining winds.

His life-force withers,
Lime-green tips will poke through
where Frosty once stood…But…
When Winter’s sky is widowed
and sheets of snow fall,
they whisper.
Zig-zagging here! There!
Elements of Nature sculpt a fine new Master!
Mists of Angels milky churn,
his soul is born…
An explosion of birdsong erupts
from snow-shrouded Cedars.

Winter’s celestial sphere hypnotic,
Earth, a Fairyland postcard,
as the Moon weeps her happiness.

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