An Angel Weeps, poetry by Brandi Livingston at
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An Angel Weeps

An Angel Weeps

written by: Brandi Livingston


Angels weep once more tonite.
Another love grows cold tonite.
Tears have become her world.
The memories of once haunted her.
Afraid to sleep, nightmares disturbing her mind.
Cloaked in melancholy, drowning more each day.
Angels weep once more.

The rain pours,
The lighting strikes,
The thunder roars.
Another love dies tonite.
Angels weep once more.

She looks at blank walls around her.
Once covered in memories of once was.
Now, shattered into thousand pieces.
Glass fragments all around her.
Pool of her tears stains the hardwood floors.
Angels weep once more.

Brilliant light appears before her.
Fear not, we have heard your cries tonite.
We have seen your pain, most of all your tears.
Take comfort tonite, you are safe forever.
No harm will come to you.
Forever silenced you have been.
Your silent prayers have been heard tonite.

Tonite, you will be free, never to feel cold again.
Always to feel the warmth of another.
A gentle hug or a kiss upon your brow.
To forever feel loved again,
Never to be silenced in fear.
The angels have heard you tonite.

The evilness is gone from you.
Banished forever it is.
Never to darken your days.
Never to feel the pain, as you have felt.
Forever to be free, you are.
Fly high to the heavens, tonite.
Your prayers have fallen to our ears.
An angel weeps tears tonite.

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