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A Poem On Gandhiji

A Poem On Gandhiji

written by: Sudipta Mishra


With an indomitable will, a mighty man surged
That he himself was not aware of his humongous spirit
He led the whole nation in one direction
Sans any fear, all followed him blindly
Peace was his only way to conquer the odds
He chose nonviolence over bloodshed
He unveiled a great message
“Truth alone can conquer all”
Never did he accept his downfall
At last, he won the battle
Humanity succeeded
India became free
Oh, Reverend Mahtama,
You created history
Oh, the leader of our nation,
You released Indians from the shackles of tyranny
Indians will remember your years of struggle
Let’s bow our heads by leaving our arrogant nature

Each blood drop of Gandhiji was devoted to India
May we Indians learn from his unparalleled contribution
May our posterity be inspired by the ideals of Gandhiji.

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