Infinities, a poem written by Puneet Agarwal at
Alexandra Gorn



written by: Puneet Agarwal


It started again,
Wheels of fortune,
In my favour, they spin,
You are here again,
Our new chapter,
I am destiny’s kid.

Bookmarked your soul,
Deep buried in my heart,
I left us the last time,
Meeting again is an accident,
That’s how the universe conspires.
On this night you’ll text me again,
You’ll say how you miss my voice!
Won’t keep it in my heart and just say,
Can you be just mine?

Scared you were, so was I
That summer night you swore
Will give us your best try,
Nights are faithfully surreal,
But mornings come with a price.
Nights are dreamy,
Every wish can’t be true,
Blamed it on me,
You stepped back, again blue.

Dogeared I’m a page in your story,
Shorter are some infinities,
We follow what destiny decides,
I still remember the 14 hours when you were mine!

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