Alone in The Mist, a poem by Jesse Batista at

Alone in The Mist

written by: Jesse Batista


Walking past the boneyard
On this All-Hallows’ Eve
Startled, caught off guard
A friend has something up their sleeve

A rustle in the distance
Full moon shown bright
Specters are non-existence
Chills in the air this night

Safety in numbers
Disappear one by one
The dead woke from slumbers
Or friends having fun

Left alone in the mist
Thick and profuse
Stop, you insist
Insanity on the loose

Circling, swirling,
Back to the wall
Wind whips through your soul
On your knees you fall

Crouched in the corner
Drenched in sweat from fear
Manifestation of the damned
Death draws near

Grotesque in form
From the other side
They advance in swarm
Those who have died

They rip at the flesh
Dragged to the stones
You fight and thresh
But you’re reduced to bones

Thrown in a hole
Buried alive
Imagination takes control
More horrors to contrive

Jesse Batista

Jesse Batista

I was born March 11, 1994 into a situation that was less than desirable and we'll leave it at that. I was given a new start at life when I was 13. It was this new start that introduced me to journal writing and music. My love of music turned into lyric writing and poetry. Much of what I write is heavily over toned in darkness but, on the occasion, the light of contentment shines through. Writing and other forms of art, including drawing, painting and photography, has helped me find my way. While I have music out in circulation, I have only just started to release my poetry. Since releasing it, I have been published in Inquisition Poetry and have had several of my poems read on the Dear John Show.
Jesse Batista

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