A Smile That Lies, poem by Jeffrey Ogochukwu at Spilwords.com

A Smile That Lies

A Smile That Lies

written by: Jeffrey Ogochukwu



I envied the Cross Riverian with the shiny trophy.
He wore a radiant smile
and a stylish pair of hiking boots.
How does one person wield this much influence?
‘I’m going to be like him someday,’
the boy with copper-coloured hair said.
As the night wore on, the crowd became smaller.
Music and laughter filled the air.
I watched in admiration as he walked outside
and stood by the railings, looking down from eight stories
above the streets of Calabar. So much unsaid words in his silence
as he gazed at the stars. Then at the statue of Mary Slessor
glittering with bright silver lights.
Imagine my shock when he jumped.

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