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Angry Gods

Angry Gods

written by: Lorraine Murtagh


The Gods took anger against the world.
Neptune ran rage and amok,
crashing stormy seas.
Dionysus howled and screamed
through the narrow streets.
Zeus sparked flashes of venom
through his light; intimidating and threatening.

They hide in their homes,
watching, praying;
whilst the last of the anger passes.
It’s spent.
And still they click their beads.
Like any abuser, they are sorry.
The sunlight kisses the Earth;
a new start.
Fresh beginnings,
the faithful start to lose their faith.

Gazing across blue waters,
like crystal, shimmering against mine eyes.
Shielding its depth.
Boats bob along the shore, treading water.
Quietly content, they move swiftly, as not to disturb
the great vastness
that could easily engulf their existence.

The sun dances along the waves,
without care.
Teasing, smirking, and hiding any danger.
Like a smile from the stranger.
Its yellow rays massage the water,
bringing calmness
from the night before.

Staring hard to find evidence
that this gentle giant with its hypnotic quell
could take out its anger
against the small whitewashed buildings;
no shield to protect their walls.

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