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I Can’t Handle My Periods

I Can’t Handle My Periods

written by: Vinayana Khurana


Yes, I can’t handle my periods,
But I have a degree in English,
Yes, I can’t bathe on my own,
But I am a great storyteller,
Yes, I need some help to eat,
But I can eat your head with my chatter,
Yes, they call me Handicap,
But we all are at some point in time,
Yes, I may not be married soon,
But are all the married couples happy?
Yes, I am an independent dreamer,
Yes, I don’t need your help with that,
You said don’t be arrogant,
Do I look arrogant??
What does arrogant mean??
For you??
If I was,
I won’t have loved you,
I thought you understood me,
But I am so wrong…

You said many things that made me cry,
But I can’t cry now,
I’m done proving myself,
To some Orthodox in my family,
I’m done with the unconditional love,
I am done,
Just done,

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