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written by: The Quiet Quill



People are changed.

Mere ideas instead of substance,
More facade and much less soul.
Photos, filters and Facebook fakery,
Fuelling tension and slowly breaking me.

We post beautiful pictures of mundane things
To show the deep, spiritual thoughts we bring
To this “he said, she said, they said” society
That is destroying our faith and feeds my anxiety.

Instant insecurities that Instagram instills,
Highlight absurd aspirations we never can fulfill.
On camera smiles hide irrational fears,
While airbrushed perfection erases years of lonely tears.

We see live artists but watch them through screens
To capture the moment just as it leaves.
No more living the experience, just photos dimly lit.
A mash up of montage instead of mates in the mosh pit.

Tweets of trickery and Twitter tales
Make us feel we’ve already failed.
Fake colours, fake smiles, fake friends we aspire to.
We comment, we “like” while they’re slowly hurting you.

Who would aspire to a life of falsities?
A smile, a filter, to cover all the miseries.
We allow fake lives to darken our doors,
But I’ve promised myself that is Me no more.

I am Changed.

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