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The Critic

written by: Lionel Ntasano



My job is to find fault
Like this beef steak I am eating which lacks a pinch salt
I can’t do, so I point out all your flaws
I feel better when a strong man stumbles and crawls

I know too well the long hours required
To achieve the goal that is so much desired
I have calculated the cost
To acquire the bragging rights to boast

It is really all about the blood, sweat and tears
For all these things feed my innermost fears
Therefore, I resort to finding fault
As the strong man’s struggles come to a deserving halt

Lionel Ntasano

Lionel Ntasano

Lionel was born in the third smallest county in Africa, also, one of the most unknown countries in the world - Burundi. He has lived, traveled, and studied all over the globe, trying new things (Here), enjoying transient relationships (There), and safekeeping values from (Everywhere) - He is secretly a Beatles fan to say the least, a musician at heart, culinary chef by profession, but, George Orwell tapped into his unconscious mind liberating a part of him through literature. He has made it his lifetime goal to share this liberating abstract ideology by writing. His first attempt was by publishing a novel titled, 'Greener On The Other Side'.
Lionel Ntasano

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