Strong and True at

Strong and True

Strong and True

written by: Lionel Ntasano



I will age
And so will you
I am no sage
And this is my view

We are all we got
Me and my crew
We could be chilling on a yacht
But the plans fell through

It is the life we choose
Where friends become foes
It is a life of ego, drugs and booze
That brings fake snakes and dishonest hoes

When the chips are down
I realize I am all alone
Because nobody is around
I cry tears that are bitter and warm

The world moves fast
An old friend came back and stopped
He pulled me up at last
Because he realized I was knocked

Let us not talk of money
Let us forget the world
Let us focus on our comradery
Forget the yacht
Let us sail unfurled

I will age
And so will you
I hope our friendship stays
Strong and True

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