Ticket Please, a poem by Jess at Spillwords.com
Trace Hudson

Ticket Please

Ticket Please

written by: Jess


“Ticket, please”
He says to me,
No smile on his face.
To him, I slide
My pass to ride,
He knows I know this place.

I pass him by,
Not knowing why,
I’ve come back here once more.
I was drawn in,
Once again
My feet upon this floor.

I seek a change,
To rearrange,
All my thoughts ever more.
Yet I arrive,
Hope to survive.
Not knowing what’s in store.

“All aboard!”
A simple directive
For all of us deemed Defective.
Herded like cattle, but ahead lie a battle.
We knew.
We knew.

“Ticket, please”
He says to me.
My pass he does approve.
He says, “Go right”
I say, “Goodnight”
So I begin to move.

As I walk by,
I hear a cry.
A pitiful lost sound.
No mind of mine,
I walk my line.
Let the lost stay unfound.

The way was damp
Since I left camp.
To trek beyond my place.
Part running away
Knowing I cannot stay
For my truths reveal my face.

To stand my ground
To make a sound,
Will ensure my defeat.
So I take my chance
To depart the dance,
And again I take my seat.

The world whirs by
Another cry,
The pathetic little sound.
What is the point?
I roll a joint.
And keep my eyes to the ground.

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