Things To Believe, a poem by Jeff Weddle at
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Things To Believe

Things To Believe

written by: Jeff Weddle


The first illusion is joy
golden and flesh

hard breath
and auburn hair
across a damp neck.

Then comes rage
illusion second class

hot destroyer
of illusion one.

No damp neck
for you.

And apathy follows.

That’s real.
So sorry.

The last illusion
is forgetting

but you
knew that

But here’s
the thing:

Everything happens
all at once

You know?

The sages wonder:

Why do we
even bother
with goodbye?

Jeff Weddle

Jeff Weddle

Jeff Weddle is a poet and writer living in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He won the 2007 Eudora Welty Prize for Bohemian New Orleans: The Story of the Outsider and Loujon Press, and has also received honors for his fiction and poetry. The author of eleven books, Jeff teaches in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama.
Jeff Weddle

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