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written by: Akanksha Singh



I sit here waiting, since the dawn of time
Hoping one day you will be mine.
With the pain of loneliness, I hiss,
Now all your promises seem amiss.
How can I be sensible?
The distance between being incomprehensible.
Yet, they see us become one,
Over the doors of the sleek horizon.

Till then I have made my peace,
I make do with our irregular release.
The heat picks up my droplets,
With air, I rise in little pockets.
Our union is short and brief,
I rain heavily, pouring down in grief.
By touching my drops, I feel your warmth.
They smell like your soul, always in my north.

I admire you from down below,
Going green, as the stars in you glow.
I know in the depths of my soul,
One fine day, together we will stroll.
The Universe will witness our amalgamation,
It will explode in celebration.
When the end of the world is nigh,
That’s when the sea became the sky.

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh is the Fiction Editor of the newly launched magazine 'The Finest Example'. She identifies herself as an avid reader and a passionate writer. She has completed her MS in Life Sciences but currently, she is looking to establish herself as a writer. She shares most of her work on her blog, My Bubble, but a few of her stories have been published in Active Muse and other magazines. She loves travelling and you probably can bribe her with good food!
Akanksha Singh

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