The Necklace, poetry written by Akanksha Singh at
Agustin Ljosmyndun

The Necklace

The Necklace

written by: Akanksha Singh



She burned everything to the ground,
watched, as it turned into a mound.
Emotional human in her- grimaces,
makes a necklace from the leftover ashes.
Initially unaware of its heavyweight,
she fell for the age-old bait.
Moved ahead, turned a new leaf,
did not reminisce or shed grief.
But all throughout her travelled path,
the necklace left some of its part.

As she neared towards the end,
grew the lightness of the pendant.
Elated she looked back fast,
but her joy did not last.
Every road where she had once stroll,
smelled of burnt leaves and charcoal.
Her journey was over now,
all she could say was “ciao“.
Her whole life flashes,
what if she hadn’t collected the ashes?

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