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Summer of 18'

written by: Tinashe Muza


You are mine
I am yours
Afraid to love once because of what was
I knew you were the one the day we shared the same breath
You always whine because of insecurity
But not knowing that those imperfections
are the ones that amplify your perfection
I have no reason to let you go for you are what I was longing for
For you are not one in a million but in a lifetime
An angel you are or should I say hashtag HeavenSent
I can’t talk about Romeo and Julia because it’s too cliché
But you being the snow
And I being the wind form the type of love called a blizzard
You are mine and I am yours
Now and forever
Don’t you ever let go

Tinashe Muza

Tinashe Muza

Born in Harare, I grew up in Highfield with my aunt. Went to Sandringham High (2014-2017). Pursing my dream to study oncology, I find myself gallivanting in the world of poetry.
Tinashe Muza

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