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Essence of Spirituality

written by: Srikala Ganapathy


With compassionate sensitivity
And childlike curiosity,
With an ability of open receptivity
Share spiritual perspectives with no arrogance of superiority
But with one's own love, freedom and goodness with sincerity!

In overcoming mind's ego lies the difficulty,
Allow yourself to surrender to Almighty,
Appreciate beauty in creativity
With strong matured mind accept reality
Realising our true identity
Is the essence of Spirituality!

Srikala Ganapathy

Srikala Ganapathy

Srikala ganapathy lives in Chennai with her beautiful family, husband and daughter. She is a phd Research scholar in Botany. She is an earnest spirtual seeker, in her journey to find her true self beyond her identities. Though she is from pure science background has fascination for words and loves to write. Several of her articles are published in the Hindu, infinithoughts and spritual magazines. As her dream come true moment, her first poetry book 'Flight of words from the Self' is published by Zorba books. She loves to ink her inner most thoughts, her inner journey of mind, spiritual joyful emotions, freedom, bliss, peace..
Srikala Ganapathy

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