Power of Self-Awareness, article by Srikala Ganapathy at Spillwords.com
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Power of Self-Awareness

Power of Self-Awareness

written by: Srikala Ganapathy


Due to Rheumatoid arthritis, these days I have been living with less pain or more pain days. There are no, no-pain days, so far. Some days, I go to sleep magically believing that I would wake up with no pain. But it doesn’t happen. I have started to accept the present reality and try to find ways to positively deal with the pain. I can do activities slowly only now. I used to do it fast. I am accepting the present situation. I’m happy that I manage. This gives me the strength to face it. To act. To keep going. Truly empowering.

Following doctor’s advice, medicines, physiotherapy, walking, exercises, Ayurvedic oils, diet changes, genuine advice from well-wishers, and prayers all help. No doubt. But ultimately, it is also one’s own Self-awareness and intelligently taking care of body and mind that is most important, is what I realise. Resolve to do daily activities carefully and respect my judgment at that point in time, what actually needs to be done. Learning to be mindful.

Continued self-analysis and modifications accordingly as per my body and mind’s condition.

At present no cure for RA. Pain can be managed. That is positive. The future is unknown. We can hope. I wish for an effective Nanobot.

I’m both realistic and optimistic.

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