This is Our End, Death, poetry written in collaboration by Eric Shelman and Gina Carrillo at

This is Our End, Death

This is Our End, Death

written by: Eric Shelman and Gina Carrillo


This is our end, Death
we have reached our final finale
our last hurrah
no more thinking, drinking, linking
winking, sinking, clinking
no more breathing, sheathing, speaking, seething,
feeling, meaning
no more, evermore, nor nevermore
no more striving, reviving, diving, jiving
living, forgiving, unforgiving, reliving
no more, roping, doping, eloping

This is our end, Death
No more regrets, begets
Evolution of transvaluation
It’s a revelation
Sentimental mentalities
Detrimental formalities
Transcendental tongue twisters
Darkened and sinister
Creeping in church as a minister

This is our end, Death
no more, worries, hurries, flurries, curries nor slurries
rending, tending, bending, pretrending tentatively
acting, and reacting, horrifically
suffering, buffering, covering, discovering
being specifically, scientifically, prolifically
seeing, freeing, fleeing, agreeing
disagreeing, disturbingly
foreseeing, unseeing, decreeing, awkwardly
evolving, revolving, devolving straightforwardly
resolving, dissolving, solving, searchingly
it is our beginning’s ending
and our ending’s beginning

This is our end, Death
Laid to rest these words
Etched on our gravestones
Tombs filled with Art
When we leave this world
Our past lives torn apart
Poetry grew from our tangled minds
Into a creation that’s one of a kind
Hear our plea
We rest in Power


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