Bloom Above Thorn: a Sonnet by Lou Storey at
Lou Storey

Bloom Above Thorn: a Sonnet

Bloom Above Thorn

a Sonnet

written by: Lou Storey


Our town holds yearly a fine garden tour
Hosted in style by the privileged elite
This slight we commoners learn to endure
Attempts to attend just end in defeat

Bloom above thorn marries beauty with pain
For each a steep price will need to be paid
A loss required for others to gain
Brick by hard brick their strict privacy’s laid

But nature’s resilience is not for sale
Tree roots crack sidewalks, wildflowers still thrive
Mankind may crumble but Earth will Prevail
chaos is needed for life to survive

The ticketed rich have nothing to lose
Thorns crown their fashion of sad subterfuge.

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