The Last Trip, poetry by Thaddeus Hutyra at

The Last Trip

The Last Trip

written by: Thaddeus Hutyra



He imagined his last trip
Will be on the board of a plane
Or perhaps even in a rocket.

Fantasies were rooted
Firmly within him
He was though so young!

If less fortunate
Then perhaps in a car
Or at least in a golden carriage.

He was already more thoughtful
Less expecting from life
The harsh reality
Pierced deep
Through his fantasies.

To his surprise
No vehicle, nothing at all
Awaited him
For his last trip.

Well, he was already old man
The life was never really
Fortunate enough to him
But this?
No, he did not expect it.

He just walked
Into that hazy white spot
And finally disappeared
Within it.

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