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My Poetic Muse

My poetic Muse

Mo bàrdail Muise

written by: Stephen Ferrett


40 years have passed, when tears flowed, goosebumps chilled and life in the moment was poetic perfection.
A thousand smiles on the faces of strangers, as the first chord played, notes sung, shared innocent and beautiful connections are born.
Now kindred spirits join, spanning the ages, immersed in song, dance, and unique personal emotion.

Those feelings have returned, after decades aways, and once again my poetic muse takes centre stage.

Your words inspired by childhood, teenage and adult life, shaped by the land of your birth, by the language of your kin.
Shadow cast aside, light weaving all as one, passion and pride radiate through your songs.

The uniqueness of the landscape, remote, harsh, ever-changing, dramatic.
Rugged, untouched, beauty abounds, soul enriching for those it touches.

The memories of those sadly departed, shall be our heroes, as they have shaped the culture we cherish.

My muse, shaped in Dunfermline but sadly passed, his legacy lives on in his lyrics, their music, bring joy, yet heartbreak, a felt loss for many.
My muse rekindled in Aberdeen, renewed inspiration to write while I listen and reflect on elements.

We are the elements, your musical talent, our following, devotion to you and your music.
Together we are kindred connections, expressing the passion and love we all feel in the moment and its shared beauty.
Auld makars and bards’ traditions of the past, living today and forever converged as lines in the tide.
We all pass the endless flow of the Lochy, Spey, Dee, and Don. Homeward bound, apart, but forever connected, our dreams of reunion never lost.

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