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So Many Dads, Which One Are You?

So Many Dads, Which One Are You?

written by: Cindy Georgakas


Sometimes the Dad you want to be isn’t the dad you are. The kids you hoped for disappoint and don’t meet your expectations. Some dads think they are the best dad in the world and maybe they are but their kids wish they had their best friend’s dad. Maybe the dad wishes their best friend was their child.

You don’t get a do-over but you can start over by being the best dad you choose to be if you get the chance. Sometimes neither appreciate the gifts until later in life and sometimes they never do. One thing is sure, your children are always listening no matter how old they are, so choose your words wisely.

Some things are deal breakers like deserting your child or verbally or physically abusing them or acting like a child yourself. Some dads don’t deserve the respect they want because they’ve never given it or received it, growing up.

Some do but have had no boundaries and rules and have raised spoiled brats because they wanted to be the fun dad! Fun dads are fine as long as it’s because you’re not afraid they won’t like you and you want to be their friend. You won’t be at some point, if you’re doing your job right.

You are their dad first and foremost and someday they will be yours if you’re lucky and you may even be friends. The main job of a dad is to love their child and see them through the ups and downs, having heart to heart conversations, putting their needs above yours for a period of time, loving them in their best and worst times and then letting them go to live their own lives.

Be careful because as the saying goes, what goes around, comes around and someday they might be your dad, caring for you. Ever heard of elder abuse?

So many Dads, which one are you?

Devoted Dad
Dependable Dad
Doting Dad
Darling Dad
Doer Dad
Do her Dad (auto voice mistake: oops)
Dreamy Dad
Discovery Dad
Dynamic Dad
Decent Dad
Dancing Dad
Distinctive Dad
Daredevil Dad
Die hard Dad
Dinner Dad
Divine Dad
Delicious Dad
Divorced Dad
Deadbeat Dad
Deserting Dad
Downer Dad
Drug dealer Dad

Divorce isn’t a deal breaker as long as you don’t divorce your child. Marriages don’t always work out sadly, but show up for your kid and let them know you will always be there for them. And don’t try to make up for the fact that their mother and you didn’t work out but make sure they know, you will never abandon them.

If you fell into the deadbeat dad, the downer dad, the drug dealing Dad, you have the problem so clean up your act before it’s too late and set the record straight that you will take responsibility and be the dad they deserve to have.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Dads that give your love, time and attention to your children!

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