Snowflakes, poetry written by Stephen Ferrett at
Francisco Jose Murcia



written by: Stephen Ferrett


Warming pink glow, sky obscured, icy blast, cascading drifts, hearts, and souls’ smile.

Memories hoarded in chilled complexity, emotions fall as individual moments of joy and lament.
Uniquely beautiful crystalline water, woven by chill, falling like angels,

Memories wrap us in blankets of wind laced comfort, white layers momentarily silence unbearable thoughts, pathways undefined, following questions never answered.

Hands reaching out to catch a single heavenly flake.
Hold you, feel you, understand you, before you melt away.
Loss envelopes, you disappear, replaced by solace of mind, knowing we’ll meet again.

For we are beauty, never defined by our losses, but by our uniqueness, strength, and fortitude.
Beacons of hope shine, prisms of grace hold the hand of others, different but the same.

Hold my snow-covered hands, follow paths together and gaze on the wonderment and warmth as precious flakes abound.

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