A Fading Ember, poetry by Edward Wraith at Spillwords.com
Mishal Ibrahim

A Fading Ember

A Fading Ember

written by: Edward Wraith


In shadows cast by waning light,
A love once vivid, now takes flight.
Our candle that once burned so bright,
Now stings of a cold, harsh night.

I see the distance in your eyes,
Reflecting echoes of love’s goodbye,
Emptiness in your silent stare,
A longing that lingers in the air.

A love that danced has lost its grace,
Fading memories, a bitter taste,
Sarcasm drips from lips once sweet,
A love turned sour, our hearts retreat.

In the veins of passion, ice takes hold,
Your touch, once warm, now a numbing cold,
Isolation wraps around us tight,
Loneliness now our silent plight.

The flame that once danced, now just a wisp,
A puff of smoke on a burnt-out wick.
A love once radiant, turned to rust,
In silent ruins, we return to dust.

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