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Only Me

written by: Nayana Nair



Stay here with me.
Everyone else has forgotten you dear. Stay here with me.
Everyone else has forgotten you, dear.
Only me,
it is only me that carries you everywhere it rains,
everywhere the Sunday morning starts with an empty table and aching heart,
everywhere the number blinking on my phone is not yours.
It’s only me
that wakes up in this nightmare of life
clutching what should have been your hand,
that walks into every shop that would have caught your eye.
It isn’t easy to walk into stores
and think of your absent giggles
as my only future that would never arrive.
It isn’t easy
but I can do it.
I can keep a space for you
everywhere I go,
I can keep aside an extra plate for you.
I can live as if you are here
if only you’d stay hidden with me.
They have forgotten you, dear,
their thoughts are scared to linger around graves.
It is only me that calls out your name.

Nayana Nair

Nayana Nair

I am Nayana, an engineer and a technical writer, who also moonlights as an amateur poet on my personal blog. Writing for me is a process of self realization and being able to create temporary companionship through a poem gives me more joy than anything.
Nayana Nair

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