Liquid Stars written by Evelyn at

Liquid Stars

Liquid Stars

written by: Evelyn



in the misty country morn
on the blades of grass

the dew drops
in the first light

once were tears
from the sky
whispered in the air

blown by the breeze
an almost kiss

a distant fire
among the clouds
of a new dawn

the softest
littlest spheres
barely visible

brightens, freshens up
the end of night

in the silence
a spoken jewel
a blessed tale awakens

like fallen meteorites
wishes fading fast

till the last leaf
dries up
the earth coarsens

to breathe once again
saying as it’s always been

live for the morrow
live for yesterday
live yet another day


Sometimes, tears remind us of what hope is all about. A new day to wipe out every tear.

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