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Morning Song

written by: Nayana Nair



The morning told me that
there are times when we lose grasp of what we are,
when we feel inadequate for all we have
and slowly all that we have seems to abandon us
even if they are beside us.
I knew what it was saying, I knew what it meant
But I didn’t want to hear it being said.
I wanted lies that could keep me going,
not an echo of reality.
I wish I could go back to sleep,
go back to being myself
(whatever that meant).
“But there is no going back”, the morning said.
“There is only effort, there is only wait.
There would be a morning that won’t be as cruel as me.
But till that morning comes,
there is only effort, there is only wait.”

Nayana Nair

Nayana Nair

I am Nayana, an engineer and a technical writer, who also moonlights as an amateur poet on my personal blog. Writing for me is a process of self realization and being able to create temporary companionship through a poem gives me more joy than anything.
Nayana Nair

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