Bad For My Health written by Linda M. Crate at

Bad For My Health

bad for my health

written by: Linda M. Crate



you lost the threading
thought it was something you said
in the past that drove me away?
no, it was all the things
you ever told me
wearing me down all at once;
every time you spoke to me it became a headache
only wanted to control and manipulate me
take control of all my time and force me into conversations
which weren’t always
i would always try to steer the conversation away
from the people you would mock,
but somehow you would get right back on that tangent
no matter how hard i tried to steer the conversation elsewhere;
i’ve had enough of your negativity and malice
forgave what i shouldn’t have forgiven
ignored red flags so here’s my white
because i surrender everything we once were so i can have
the peace i have found exists outside your name—
i value my heart, my dreams, my future;
you were like a virus weakening me
i couldn’t hold onto the toxic if i wanted to grow
so i released our dead flower garden to the universe
you’ll never force my hand again.

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