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written by: Maroulla Radisavic


I will give you some wine
To drink from my lips
I will give you an exotic dance
To lead your wild thoughts to a dream place
I will give you an inviting smile
To make your heart blossom
and then I will disappear…
swirly clouds will take me away
and you live with my memory
you will have me and lose me many times
but as long as we grow wings
there is no distance and no borders

Maroulla Radisavic

Maroulla Radisavic

Hi my name is Maroulla Radisavic, I was born in Greek Cyprus. Been influenced by my Greek heritage, landscapes, personal experience, nature, beauty and powerful emotions. My dream is to publish my poem collections, my children's stories and my auto-biography.
Maroulla Radisavic

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