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A Mermaid

written by: Maroulla Radisavic


My love is a mermaid…
I’m a poet and I sing my dreams and my pains
Girls love me
But I love a mermaid
I will give her my heart that is broken in two
to make earrings out of my heart's pieces
My mermaid, my secret love
Comes and goes in the deep oceans
But her image follows me wherever I go
I will celebrate
Life and love
And the flavors of basil
I wish she could smell…
But my love is a mermaid
Her long hair covers her breasts
And her lips sing my dreams and my pains
My love is a mermaid and a faraway dream
And I wish I drowned in her ocean kingdom
I wish I drowned in her immortal water
My love is a mermaid
In the ocean of love

Maroulla Radisavic

Maroulla Radisavic

Maroulla was born in Cyprus in a small iconic village by the sea. She grew up in a loving family and an environment that encouraged love and connection with nature. From early childhood she showed a great interest in fairy tales and in children's books. Maroulla was influenced by the Greek philosophy. She discovered poetry at eleven and found beauty in nature and arts. She writes poetry and children's stories, fiction/nonfiction stories. At 27 she migrated to Australia with her family and made a career in accounting, computers and teaching the Greek language. She loves being busy with handcrafts, reading, writing and creating.
Maroulla Radisavic

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